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Issue V

Much has happened in the months that have passed since our last issue. Across the globe, long-promised climate impacts have seemed to unfurl at a frightening new pace, reaching ever further into people’s lives and more deeply branding the geographies they inhabit. Increasingly, the daily impacts of climate change are collapsing the conceptual boundaries that once defined it, forcing thinkers, planners, and everyday people to wrestle with how the present is diverging from the past.


Climate change – its impacts and its respondents – are escaping the outdated bounds of old categorisations, and there is a growing acknowledgement that every corner of global life bears its own story – or at least view – of environmental change. In this issue, we have sought to reflect this proliferation of stories, bringing in perspectives from a variety of disciplinary vantage points, and moving beyond straightforward journalistic categories to incorporate more personal, poetic, and fictional confrontations with climate change. We hope that these contributions, in their diversity, will present a view of climate change as both more complex and more precarious than it has ever been.

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Head Editors
Jack Kelly
Josh Lappen
Karl Dudman
Rachel Qiu Kexin

Design Director

Steffen Ridderbusch

Design Team

Deiana Hristov
Etienne Terraillon
Rachel Qiu Kexin


Shannon Osaka
Hannah Simon
Jonathon Turnbull
Freya Graham

Deiana Hristov
Ava Mitchell
Celeste Renaud
Edgar Roberts
Liberty Lawson
Luke Hatton
Sasha Giles
Sydney Vennin
Vinita Govindarajan


Art and Creative Director

Julia Jones


Rachel Qiu Kexin
Sapphire Deanna Vital
Aishah Wilson
Maya Adams
Blue Rachapradit

Creative Team

Caitlin Kinney
Florin Prună 
Karl Dudman

Sponsorships Team

Alice Evatt 
Ava Mitchell
Iso Deesomlert

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