Issue IV

This summer, Anthroposphere would like you to dream – of places you haven't been to, and of realities you haven't seen. Avoiding airfare, we invite you to cross the world in words: from Greece's troubled mining industry to Australia's political inaction; indigenous equity in Taiwan to the water dam disasters in Laos. We merge mediums and explore forms: choreographing dance routines to the Anthropocene, and capturing visions of nature through multiple exposure photography. At home, we court catastrophe in Lancashire with fracking-induced earthquakes; we fuel a different crisis on the streets, taking to the tarmac with Extinction Rebellion.


This summer, Anthroposphere has invited you to dream. 

Now, we want you to act.

Issue IV is a digital issue that we have made freely available. However, Anthroposphere also publishes print issues that can be purchased here. All proceeds go towards printing, designing and maintaining our publication, and your contributions will help keep our climate journalism interdisciplinary and accessible for all.



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