Managing Team

Rachel Qiu

Head Editor

Rachel Qiu Kexin reads for a B.A. in Geography at the University of Oxford. Her interests lie broadly in climate justice, environmental action, and the political economy of the environment. She wants to save the world one day and foster lots of kittens, but for now has to contend with not mucking up pasta in the kitchen. 

Josh Lappen

Head Editor

Josh Lappen is pursuing an MPhil in History at the University of Oxford. He studies climate, energy, and natural resource history, and is currently writing on cultural conflict over coal power. He previously completed an M.S. in climate science and energy engineering and a B.A. in Classics at Stanford University.

Karl Dudman

Head Editor

Karl Dudman is a doctoral student at Oxford University’s Institute for Science, Innovation and Society. His research explores the social visibility of climate change in the southeast U.S. Outside of his PhD, Karl is also a freelance photographer and youth delegate to the UNFCCC for the Seychelles. 

Jack Kelly

Head Editor

Jack Kelly is a DPhil student in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. His studies focus on wind energy, in particular the control strategies of wind turbines. Previously he has completed a Bachelor of Science at Harvard University in Environmental Engineering.

Julia Jones

Creative Director

Julia Jones is a second year Geography undergraduate from St Edmund Hall. In her spare time, she sings in a band and writes her own music. She has performed for many years as an acoustic musician, including her own music and performed at many balls and events in Oxford. 

Editing Team

Ava Mitchell

William Berners-Lee

Celeste Renaud

Celine Ng

Daniel Brooks

Edgar Roberts

Emily Godwin

Jonny Turnbull

Joshua Lappen

Vaishali Rawat

Sophie Gill

Art Team

Georgia Crowther

Kristian Hallet

Sapphire Vital

Abigail Hodges

Helena de Gorrequer Griffith

Creative Team

Caitlin Kinney

Marketing Team

Deiana Hristov

Haley Adams

University Reps

Durham University

Ella Blanchard

Isabella Chalmers-Arnold

Alice Lassman

Amber Perera

Cambridge University

Essie Chen

Jonny Turnbull

University of Queensland

Caitlin Ford

Stanford University

Holden Foreman

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Veine Haglund

Humboldt University, Berlin

Deborah Kallee

Joseph Macpherson

Lavinia Narain

University College London

Zoe Rasbash

University of Toronto

Emily Shaw

Colorado State University

Azmal Hossan

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