Managing Team


Vinita Govindarajan 


Head Editor

Vinita Govindarajan works in partnerships and strategic communications at the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development. She holds a master's degree in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance at the University of Oxford. Her research interests lie at the intersection of climate change, social movements and cities. Previously, she worked as a journalist in India for online newspaper, with a focus on environmental and urban policy.


Divya Godbole 

Head Editor

Divya Godbole is currently pursuing an MPhil in Development Studies at the University of Oxford. She is interested in studying issues of environmental justice, land laws, and indigenous rights particularly in relation to forest-based livelihoods and access to customary landholdings. She was previously at the University of Delhi from where she obtained a Bachelors in Sociology. When she is not working on solving these critical  issues, she also enjoys travelling and listening to K-pop.


Daniel Bertram

Head Editor

Daniel is studying for an MPhil in Law at the University of Oxford, where he investigates the emergence of transnational environmental litigation over matters ranging from climate change to oil pollution. He holds undergraduate degrees in Global Law (LLB) and Public Governance (BSc) from Tilburg University. He has previously done research in the field of cross-cultural governance, particularly in relation to migration policy. In his free time, Daniel is most likely to be found in the mountains.