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Bring Anthroposphere to your university!

Anthroposphere is the first interdisciplinary print magazine dedicated to climate change, produced entirely by undergraduate and postgraduate university students. Started by students at Oxford University in 2018, we are looking to recruit students from universities across the world to bring the magazine to their campuses and publicise writing and editorial opportunities

Overview of Role

  • To support Anthroposphere through a promotional role;

  • To develop Anthroposphere’s presence in your university;

  • To encourage interdisciplinary awareness and collaboration around climate change issues.

Role Responsibilities

  • Liaising with the Anthroposphere Managing Team regularly;

  • Publicising opportunities for article submissions to your university;

  • Publicising opportunities for team positions (editorial, creative, marketing) to your university;

  • Publicising and distributing Anthroposphere on campus;

  • Setting up local relationships for Anthroposphere promotion and sales (i.e. libraries, cafes, bookstores, etc)

  • Holding launch events for Anthroposphere issues, potentially in conjunction with other sustainability societies.

Applicant Profile


  • Interest in climate change issues; extensive knowledge is not required

  • An eye for design and good journalism

  • Interest in working diligently with an international team in summer / autumn 2018 to bring issue 2 to print

  • Highly organised

  • Well connected to environmental groups at your university

  • Motivated to ensure the global success of Anthroposphere

Why partner with us? 


  • Freedom and licence to develop the magazine’s presence at your university;

  • Being part of a broad network of climate-minded persons and societies, both Oxford and abroad;

  • (For societies) Promotion opportunities through the magazine and our media channels;

  • Fast-tracked application for Anthroposphere team roles, should you wish to further your involvement with us in:

    • Editorial team (editing articles)

    • Creative team (creating art for our magazine)

    • Sponsorship team (managing our corporate partners)

    • As a contributor (article submissions).


To apply, please fill in the form below or click here. If you have any questions concerning the role, please get in touch with us here.

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