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Through chaos and decay we await rebirth

In the Anthropocene, there is turmoil: mass extinction, environmental destruction, gluttonous consumption. We can not see through the decay. We can not move past the loss. The Anthropocene is certainly a time of volatility and chaos, but we must remember that chaos is also a creative energy, chaos is also fertility. It was chaos that created the universe. In times of chaos we have to broaden our horizons, change our perspectives, plant new seeds, and witness the growth.

This shrine is an ode to chaos, a remembrance that there is still fertile ground. A sight of reconnection, so we do not forget that we are still connected to nature, a part of nature, and will grow alongside nature. It is a symbol that even death means new life, that nothing is truly permanent. Neither is the Anthropocene.

Something beautiful will grow out of its remains.


NVDP is a non-binary graphic designer and speculative thinker fascinated with a range of subjects like the Anthropocene, the Symbiocene, capitalist realism, gender identity, and the digital self. By melting theory, philosophy and poetry with a visual approach influenced by internet-, sub- and counter-cultures, NVDP creates layered narratives that not only reflect on the complexities of today's world, but also imagines alien futures. Find NVDP on instagram.


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