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Climate Changed


We do not struggle to understand we are reluctant to remember

with one eye open and the other eye closed we watched her being eaten and eat too.

some of us eat through our own mouths

some of us eat through the mouths of our neighbours

some eat through the mouths of ancestors


And let us not forget what some ancestors have eaten.


In devouring we forgot, we too, are devoured ​In devouring her, we forget, we devour ourselves

we are afraid to realise

that the climate has changed

and we have too.

* It all happened in a forgetful sleep *

As we continue to look away

sleep walking in a frenzy of mastication

wasps in my stomach scuttle,

fizz and hiss

they shiver up through my throat

their protest fills my eyes and ears with white noise

In devouring her, we forget, we devour ourselves


Maya Adams is a Ugandan-American artist exploring different modes of being in a world whose physical and social climate is rapidly changing. She is interested in how stories of the past and stories of the present interact and shape our ideas of what the future can be. Her previous work has touched upon concepts of ecological grief, climate justice, and expressions of liminality or “inbetween-ness” in race and gender. Maya explores multiple styles and mediums of expression and some of her pieces have manifested through painting, film, photography, illustration, sculpture, installation and poetry. Her artwork has been featured in spaces including the Oxford Natural History Museum, Le 6b Paris, NYU Abu Dhabi Gallery Space, The Gazelle, Electra Street, The Oxford Society for Art and Ecology's Flute and Bowl, and Anthroposphere: the Oxford Climate Review.


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